Yes, we have been offering contact with the seller as well as processing and secure payment for years.

Citizens of the EU must prove that their center of life was outside the EU for the past 12 months and that they have re-registered in Europe. A vehicle must have been registered with the emigrant for at least 6 months. Non-EU citizens can travel as a tourist in Europe for up to 12 months without paying customs duties.

Yes, you can take out insurance directly with us both against total loss and, in addition, against damage. You will find the conditions and premium rates in our individual offer.

No, the containers are sealed watertight. Mold formation is extremely rare and can actually mainly occur in vehicles that are already damp. To reduce the risk, we put moisture-absorbing drying bags in the vehicles at certain times of the year.

Yes, we can offer conversion and full acceptance (TÜV) for almost all vehicles.

Yes, deliveries to your home or another address of your choice can be carried out inexpensively.

Yes, you can also hire a third party to pick up your vehicle. You only have to go to the customs office with us when you are cleared as a tourist.

Yes, within the USA we can arrange collection from private individuals, dealers and auction houses such as Copart or Mannheim.

The collection costs vary according to the distance and whether an open or closed transport is desired. We would be happy to advise you accordingly.

The import duties are disbursed by us in accordance with the tax assessment and are included in our invoice to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Please send us an e-mail with your request to call us back.

The sea voyage takes between 2 weeks from the ports of New York and Miami, 3 weeks from Houston and approx. 4 weeks from California. Plus the time for loading, unloading and customs clearance. Usually the shipowners offer weekly departures from all ports.

After departure of the ship you will receive the container number from us with which you can check the arrival date in the port yourself. Your responsible clerk will inform you about the entire transport process and shipping and arrival dates.

Yes, we also transport vehicles to Switzerland. Depending on your requirements, customs clearance in Germany or in customs transit to Switzerland with a customs agent for the clearance there.

Yes, deliveries to Austria are possible nationwide, both open and closed.

Your vehicle is only driven for loading and unloading, otherwise your vehicle is only moved with special claws of the forklift truck which only grip the tires and not the body of the vehicle.

Yes, but there may be additional costs. There is a special loading harness for “non runners”.

Regular and mostly weekly vehicle containers go from New York, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles and Oakland (San Francisco) to Bremerhaven and Rotterdam.

We are also happy to transport motorcycles. Unpacked these are better for loading, but of course we also accept motorbikes packed in boxes by the sender for shipping.

Yes, this is possible with container loading. The driver's seat must remain free and the view must not be obstructed. We also need a packing list for everything in the vehicle.

All regular costs are included in our offer. Unexpected costs such. B. incurred by official instructions or the shipping company will be charged according to the display.

You will find information on the duty rates and the calculation in our offer. For cars the duty rate in the EU is 10%, taxes in Germany are 19% (16% until December 31, 2020). For oldtimers older than 30 years that are in their original condition, there is the possibility of a duty-free and import tax-reduced import with only 7% tax (5% until December 31, 2020). Import duty-free imports for emigrants and tourists are possible if the relevant customs regulations are taken into account. We would be happy to advise you on this subject in detail.

In principle, a bank transfer is recommended, but cash payments are also possible in our Berlin office. EC and credit card payments are not possible