Komplettanbieter für Autokauf, Abwicklung, Treuhandservice, Verschiffung &
Homologation/ TÜV-Umrüstung

Berlin Motors has been offering unrivaled solutions and services for car imports and shipping from the USA, Canada and Dubai for over 10 years. Our customers include car dealers, private individuals, relocators, diplomats, collectors and corporate customers.
As a leading international automotive logistics company, Berlin Motors offers complete services in the areas of shipping, procurement, purchasing and export of new vehicles, used cars and classic cars.
We are licensed and insured at all of our locations.
Vehicle search
Top price-performance ratio
Competently and quickly

Advice / handling / processing

Vehicle conversion / homologation / data sheet service
Coordinated processes from A-Z
All from a single source


Fast Support

within 12 - 24 hours

Vehicle storage / storage

On demand

Worldwide shipping

We help you to transport your vehicle to your desired location.

Road Freight /

Road transport within Germany, Europe and the USA (more on request).

Railway Freight /

Train transport within Germany, Europe and the USA (more on request)

Air Freight /

Air transport worldwide

Ocean Freight / Verschiffung

RoRo & container shipping